We’ve built a reputation as the leading innovators in modular residential building.

Founded in 1967, McGrath is one of Western Australia’s first modular home builders. Our capabilities have grown over the last five decades to also service commercial and industrial markets. We successfully partner with homebuyers, commercial and industrial developers and investors, and large multinational corporations.

McGrath is proud to be part of the Onterran group of companies. Onterran is an ASX-listed organisation (ASX-OTR) that specialises in growth and development strategies for a diverse range of Australian businesses. McGrath can operate independently, or in collaboration with other Onterran businesses to offer clients unique and scalable versatility. By combining our distinct specialties, clients benefit from a fully integrated construction solution that maximises cost efficiency and construction efficiency.

where we build
Our geographic reach extends across Western Australia and the Northern Territory. From large cities to regional and remote areas, we have the capacity to deliver outstanding modular solutions.